The Chartered Institute of Professional Managers and Administrators is a professional institute for managers/administrators in the United States of America (U.S.A) for the sole aim of producing dynamic and situational managers of the 21st century.

The institute is the leading professional body recognized by law to engage in the training and development of professional managers and administrators across the globe.

We run symposium, conventions and conferences in view to educating world leaders on the need to meeting the new challenges of this dispensation within the academic or the human and material management with a global vision.


CIPMA Vision:

CIMPA has a vision to be the leader in the field of management/administration and the Institute of choice for professionals.



CIPMA aims to become a strong, professional and dynamic institute in the USA and across the globe.


CIPMA Goals:

CIMPA - USA have definite goals to:

  • Raise the conduct of managers/administrators worldwide
  • Promote quality, corporate governance and professionalism
  • Be the organization of choice for world leaders.

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