CIPMA - USA offers different titles for its members based on their seniority, education, experience, professional expertise, and achievements. For a minimum eligibility criteria, CIPMA seeks the following requirements for different titles:


Graduate of a recognized Institutes can apply for ACIPMA title. For CIPMA students, on completion of the Institute’s syllabus, students will be inducted on the approval of the council to become an Associate Member.



Full Membership of CIPMA requires Master Degree holders from a recognized institute who successfully passed the examination of the Institute or holders of the Associate certificate who have put in 5 years practical experience on the job can apply for this title.



FCIPMA title looks for PHD holders that have passed the Institute’s examination or the Full Members (MCIPMA) for about 5 years practical experience on the job can apply for this title.



The Honourary Fellow title is the highest grade of membership of CIPMA and is for Top National and International managers/administrators and world leaders who have distinguished themselves in the field of administration/management membership is strictly by invitation only.

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