Terms & Conditions


  1. To abide by the terms, conditions and the provisional/code of conducts of membership regulations as would be stipulated from time to time.
  2. To remain responsible for all fess and charges and to pay all such fees and charges as may be stipulated by CIPMA.
  3. To make available at regular intervals, programme(s) of assessment (s) necessary to allow members(s) entry to the first available date chosen by the member and notified to CIPMA in accordance with membership code of conduct.
  4. To undertake the appropriate course of study under his or her own responsibility as to know when and where such study shall take place.
  5. Not to infringe and to take all reasonable steps to protect, the copyright or other intellectual property rights of the Institute.
  6. Not to disclose any information provided by CIPMA and or correspondence between CIPMA and the student/member all of which is generally deemed to be confidential. In addition, CIPMA specifically denies any and all liability arising out of the publication, loss or disclosure of any registration or personal identification Number (PIN) that CIPMA may provide for the purposes of accessing their student, personal/membership information held on the Institute information system.


CIPMA reserves the right to terminate the student’s members registration at any time and without notice in the eent that such student/member(s) breaches any obligation under this agreement or takes any actions which, in the opinion of CIPMA, might be construed as bringing CIPMA into disrepute or for any other reason which in the opinion of CIPMA, justifies such actions.

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